The Happy Nudist
Strip poker…

This is the only time I’ve really been naked around a group of people.  Other than that it’s just been a lover.

We had “game night” going for a while, where friends would meet and play fun board games like apples to apples or whatever.  Anyway one night we had a small group and we were all around the same age.  In the past it had been a larger group with a couple older guys sometimes.  So, I guess with the small group we weren’t really that motivated to get a board game going, but we wanted to have some fun, so somehow we decided on playing strip poker instead.  I was the first to lose every piece of clothing, but I think in a way I won.  It was really fun being naked in front of a group of people who were enjoying it.  It was exciting.

I want to model nude for a group of art students.

  1. cricketlauncher said: I like to play reverse strip poker. Everyone starts off naked and the loser has to get all dressed up, and gets a silly name in til the loss of clothes. Being all dressed up when everyone else is nude sucks. Spread the word “Reverse Strip Poker”
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